Hey! I’m Sean.

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer focused on UI/UX Design. I’m currently working as a Graphic Designer in White Plains, NY.

Brothr 79

Recreating the accessibility of a brotherhood.

Work in progress. Take a look at my journey through building a new engaging way to connecting fraternity brothers for Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated.

Truck Stop Circle1
Truck Stop

Expanded the food truck experience.

This was a design challenge that is strictly for creative use. I was given a creative brief to create branding but I wanted to take it a step further to see how I could expand the vision of a television show and make an interactive tool for users to not only experience the show but eating while traveling.


Built a new way to track workouts.

Fitness tracking for your goals! Follow and enjoy the journey! 


Created a new vision for a creative team and campaign amplifications.

Read along with my challenging experience through building a teams brands within a business to accomplish a long lasting vision with the future users in mind.

Dos Equis

Created digital amplifications for interesting moments in sports.

Take a look at my animated solutions for exploring a new engaging way to speak in a brands voice for users.


Re-imagined medical accessibility.

Work in progress.

Strategy Snacks Podcast

Subscribe to my podcast, where I bridge the gap between the brand and the user experience. Dedicating my lifelong goal of education to helping out designers and small business owners in order to help people solve problems for the people they care for most, the users, the customers and that’s including you!