My journey so far

My name is Sean and I’m a multi-disciplinary designer focused on Creative Strategy, Visual, UI and UX Design. I specialize in extracting both complex quantitative and qualitative data and turning it into a simplified digital product solution or brand identity.

Being a native New Yorker has always been a blessing. I can say I have always been surrounded by innovation and diversity. This has drastically impacted the way I see the world, especially through the lens of design. How could I create new experiences and solutions that impact the world and help others?

At a young age, I began to immerse myself in the world of Graphic Design. After taking up mentorships and self-teaching I grew a desire to master design. This later led me to pursue my B.F.A. in Communication Design at SUNY Buffalo State in Buffalo, New York, where, in my free time, I continued to design and work for businesses, entrepreneurs, universities, and institutions. This passion to help others and creative edge in design have been driving factors in learning how to use data and analytics to strategize and create a consumer-driven design for my solutions. This creative strategy skill leads me to learn product design, because of the ability to directly help others by working on products and features that are used by users daily.