Truck Stop Branding

This was a design challenge that is strictly for creative use. I was given a creative brief to create branding but I wanted to take it a step further to see how I could expand the vision of a television show and make an interactive tool for users to not only experience the show but eating while traveling.


The Food network is creating a show called “Truck Stop” where (x) host will be visiting truck stops all over the country learning ingredients, different cultures, truck foods and stories behind them. This show is targeted for “Foodies” “Instagrammers” and all around social media users. Those who say “the phone eats first.” Basically every annoying person ever who puts “vibes” over hunger.

Project goals

Create a logo and create collateral that would advertise the message. Also create a digital campaign for the premiere of the show.


Submit for design challenge.


UX/UI & Graphic Designer, Strategist and Animator.


The logo for the show I wanted to translate a nostalgic feeling to a badge. The style is tied to trucks and car stickers. I thought it would make a great decision to tie in that reference to bring out the authentic feeling of the food trucks and food journey experiences on the show. 

Color Scheme

The color scheme was selected to bring out hunger, taste, enthusiasm and excitement for this foodie television show. Deep ketchup-y reds, burnt oranges and rich mustard’s. I also wanted to tie it into the reds of the food networks logo.






Print Advertisement

Designing a print experience needed to be very strategic. It had to be placed where many traveling users could see and needed to have subtle CTA’s for the application since the main CTA was for the television show. The logo was kept at a eye level focal point to draw in attention. I also wanted to maintain the hexagonal shape of the logo that played off the effect of packaging 

Digital Advertisement

The digital ad experience needed to connect to the print ads. I wanted to add a twist to bring out the motion and personality of enthusiastic color scheme in the branding to be highlighted for a richer social media presence. Having the food truck drag out the content within the first 2 seconds of the social ad was done to increase performance because of social media best practice. (The average person usually swipes and does not view ads, so digital ads need to have the CTA in the first 2 seconds or less)

What happened after this?

After completing the brief, I wanted to take it further and see how this TV show/brand could expand their presence digitally for users to experience the journey of the traveling social foodie.

App Branding

The color scheme and design matched the elements and colors of the branding. I decided to go with a darker approach to maintain this street food appeal to the app.

Features that would solve the connection.

I wanted to use features that would solve that connection between a TV show going around to various parts of the country to try out and bring coverage to food into an app. Many people aspire to try out these foods and what better way then to discover their own food option and choices around them. Also the option to order and takeout while gamifying the process so that users can become hooked into using it.


Search Feature

The search functionality was designed with the purpose of bringing users awareness to food trucks around their area. Categorizing based off of time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), taste, culture, country etc. Also the ability to highlight food trucks in the vicinity for the traveling foodies that like to experiment and try new foods.

Bookmark Feature

Bookmarking is a very useful tool so that users can feel connected to an application because of the personal control it gives to create a list. Being able to save and track food trucks gives not only food trucks freedom to move but users the ability to go out and or discover new places often. This bookmark feature allows users to also continue to the moments and experiences with friends with the ability to share or leave a review for the food trucks. 

The gamification of the app is highlighted here for users so that they may track what badges they have earned from their favorite food trucks and what they are missing in order to gain them all. The intent is to not only help boost sales and support of food trucks but to also keep users coming back to fill out their badge board.

Profile Feature

The power of the reward system, the badges is to gamify the app. It is a set of achievements to keep the users engaged while using the app as well as giving food trucks the ability to create new challenges to help boost sales (with a limit). The collection of badges is then collected and recorded. Keeping track of friends and total meals had on the app help show engagement and use of the app as a whole.

Future marketing plans could include pushing notifications for power users to take advantage of deals because of their engagement and support of food trucks.

Future idea for the profile may include its ability to highlight recent supported trucks as well as reviews.

Order Feature

Ordering has been a very positive feature in the food industry for sometime so to go against the grain on this would probably not be the best solution. Instead we also give users the ability to travel to food trucks for takeout while ordering ahead. 

Future idea for delivery is creating a delivery feature so that users may earn as delivery personal for the food trucks.

What I learned from this?

A major take way that I got from this is that rewards are very powerful. It’s clear that certain digital products know how to ingrain themselves in our daily routines while others cannot seem to get more than one or two uses. Designing a user experience is key to designing the interface. How can users continue to be hooked into an app and continue to use it every time they crave something? Designing a reward and feedback loop helps keeps users engaged.