PERSONAL PROJECT Photography My favorite way to take a break from the screen is to get out on the road and my camera by my side along for the trip.  Below you can see a selection of photos from some of my adventures. Most of them were shot with a Sony A5100 or an iPhone. […]


Fitness tracking for your goals! Follow and enjoy the journey!

Truck Stop

This was a design challenge that is strictly for creative use. I was given a creative brief to create branding but I wanted to take it a step further to see how I could expand the vision of a television show and make an interactive tool for users to not only experience the show but eating while traveling.


Were used as an amplification to support the National College Football Playoffs as well as push the exciting voice of Dos Equis. Raw, fun, athletic, sporty, and uncut. These were some of the very words said by a brand manager and how they defined Dos not only as a beer company but a personality.

Brothr 79

Project Cloud is a small team that is currently working on developing a platform for Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated, to practice Product Design/Development skill-sets through problem solving leveraging real users.