GIPHY Stickers

Were used as an amplification to support the National College Football Playoffs as well as push the exciting voice of Dos Equis. Raw, fun, athletic, sporty, and uncut. These were some of the very words said by a brand manager and how they defined Dos not only as a beer company but a personality.


How can we provide Dos Equis drinkers that are College football fans a way to celebrate?

Project goals

Design and Animate Gif Stickers for Giphy platform to amplify colleges and university football events.


From the giphy stickers that were approved, they exceeded 4.1 million views.‬ Dos Equis Giphy Profile


Animator & Designer (Lead Illustrator Edgardo Moza)*


After speaking to the brand team and going through the brand personality. I started playing with different concepts to see what would be the best fit. This was fun but also challenging because while coming up with these amazing animations I had to also keep in mind to stay true to the way consumers view the brand.


For example, the animations here was for the generic voice of Dos Equis brand. My thought process for this was to keep everything clean and for broad general use cases.

Number “1” Fan

Nice Catch


First Down


Unique Takes

College Football Playoffs

What happened after this?

After completing these sets of animated stickers for the brand, they also had to get approvals through schools. Many of the stickers did not get approved.

It taught me that not all of your ideas will get pushed forward or will be agreed on. It also reminded me to never marry my work, it is okay to move forward, move on and continue designing.