Brothr 79

Brothr 79 is composed of a small team that is currently working on developing a platform for Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated, to practice Product Design/Development skill-sets through problem solving leveraging real users. 


Brothers have expressed difficulties connecting and networking with other brothers within Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated. In addition, some alumni brothers lack sense of purpose and career guidance after graduating. Therefore, there is no “official” means of communication between the brothers.

Project goals

For members of LSU, who seek to leverage the fraternity’s network, Brothr 79 is a social iOS platform designed exclusively for the LSU brothers. Unlike Facebook, GroupMe, email & current LSU app, the product provides a powerful search engine designed to connect brothers based on any common interest intentionally.


Work in Progress


Graphic Designer, UI Designer and Creative Strategist.

I was contacted by the Product Manager about how he is looking for a designer to help build a user-friendly interface for this product. I am one of the members of the organization this product is meant for, Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated and wanted to take this opportunity to make this product my next case study for better practice with iOS development and mobile interactions. Below you will see my journey in building a new way of accessing a brotherhood within arms reach.

The Brand: Color Pre-Design

Part of the process of developing the brand was researching color and inspiration from a wide variety of over 80 photos that were then categorized and put into clusters that created four inspirational mood boards: Dark Ocean, Dark Sky, Light Ocean, Light Sky and a Mixed Variant.

Capturing the full picture. 

After down selecting the colors from the mood boards, I developed a grid like color system that embodied the four color schemes from the pre-design that inspires the dark and light mode directions in the circular grid.

The Brand: Name

I faced a few bumpy roads along the way when I was challenged to understand the kind of direction the team members wanted to take the name and what aligned with fraternity. I had to be a liaison between the team and the organization and conducted different rounds of brainstorming/down selections: one being for competitor analysis, brand strategy and alignment. (“X” indicates votes by team)


Horizon, Cloud, Smooth, Wave, Habitat, Cooperating, Axis, and Sharing.

The Brand: Logo + App Icon

This process derived from my experience as a graphic designer and developing three logo concepts to present to get a more solid direction from the team, this then lead me to researching iOS app design constraints for app icons. Understanding that there is a grid and process to design within helped the final down selection step.

Learning How To Design for Apple iOS

Learning Curve within time line.

A huge hump I had to overcome was learning Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines within a short period of time to be able to showcase feasibility and understanding of what is possible with the current technology available and following the latest trends. In under 3 months I managed to learn Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and learned what was possible for iOS development to complete the first set of screens in order to execute our first focus group.

Apples UI Constraints

Lo-Fi UI Feasibility: Sign Up/Login

Lo-Fi UI Feasibility: Landing Page

Lo-Fi UI Feasibility: Profile

Lo-Fi UI Feasibility: Discovery

Lo-Fi UI Feasibility: Results

Validation Test

Testing our first focus group was a challenge on my end because I needed to put together Hi-Fi mock ups in order to translate the idea across to the users we were presenting to. This idea was told through 3 characters that were selected by the product manager and project manager: Alex, Jose, and Pedro using the Discovery feature in various ways. Users could search any kind of user information to populate a list of brothers.


Testing our first focus group was a challenge on my end because I needed to put together Hi-Fi mock ups in order to translate the idea across to the users we were presenting to. The UX Researcher created an interview protocol which was used to conduct interviews to understand the brother’s pain – points with the fraternity’s current engagement platforms and we also wanted to understand how we can help Greek organizations thrive in this digital era.

After conducting the interviews, the UX Designer constructed personas based on the interview’s results.

User Flows

Based on the interviews, it was concluded that most Brothrs have pretty busy and hectic lives. Consequently, each interaction and process in the app should be very intuitive and it should reduce the cognitive load as much as possible. To accomplish this, the UX Designer created user flows. (This is still a WIP, more to come)


The UX Designer created some low-fidelity and mid-fidelity wireframes to bring some ideas to life and to be reviewed and approved by the Product Manager and iOS Developers before handoff to myself to design the UI.

Onboarding Experience

Alex: Nationality

Jose: Field of Study

Pedro: Hobby

Focus Group 1: Discovery Results

The first focus group was a major success and received great feedback. We managed to receive a perfect 10 NPR score and have all promoters willing to share this application. The ability to pass this idea as real goes to the design of the UI. I helped the production team to fake an idea that feels real. To create these impression based mock ups with great feedback shows the learning curve of iOS development learning.

“The simplicity and one on one experience!”
“The effort and thought put into the project, the app is aesthetically clean and intuitive.”
“How well this application summarizes brothers information and makes it easy to connect with one another.”