Designing an online marketplace that seamlessly, simply, and beautifully brings together venues and musicians.

The purpose of AmptUp is to transform how venues bring live music to the world, by making it easier to find, book, and build relationships with artists. They envision a world where the soul-fueling, people-connecting power of live sound can thrive (not just survive), when entertainment reopens.

AmptUp is a startup online marketplace dedicated to transforming music culture, increasing equity for minority groups, making it easier for musicians to make money, and making life easier and less risky for venues. The primary function is to connect artists with paying venues, and to return a portion of every payment to support artist growth.





My Role

UI Designer, Visual Designer

The Context

I was contracted by a member from the ‘Where Are The Black Designers Slack channel’ to work on a project his agency was hired for. I was responsible for the user interface design user experience. I processed what data relating to the previous MVP was needed to design the interface and got a good grasp of what was not working. As well as why from the previous iteration of their design by getting insight into pain points and areas of friction in the search and booking process. I collaborated closely with the product manager.

The old design.*


To make it easier for musicians to make a living with their work.

To improve equality for women, people of color, and LGBT communities in music.

To transform music culture so that any city can become a “music city,” and live music is infused everywhere.

My Solution

I understood that the design system needed to be followed and made sure to use preexisting components so that it aligned with the entire product.

Manage Listing

The previous design limited artist and their genres as well, was not clear with the dates. The Nibs needed to be clear. Left aligned photo and name for a quicker read.

Talent Results – Previous Design

The previous design had a rating feature that was needed to be removed due to the product owners request and whether they had an agent or were indie.

Talent Results

These set of frames required variation, one without a map view and the other with. This would allow the user to see what artist were goin on tour and where they would be available to book.

What I learned

Although I worked on only two features of this product, it served a larger purpose. I needed to understand how the entire product comes together and what needed to integrate into these feature in order to have a good user experience across the product. Lastly, a personal takeaway was understanding that you cannot get married to your work. Design for the problem, ensure functionality and accessibility is at the forefront of the design. Then take your learnings and grow from that experience. Whether your design is entirely adapted or not, you cannot take it personal.